What We Do

Develop Leaders

We are fully committed to “greatness” and leading young leaders to an understanding of that greatness in their life. With proper training and mentoring they will achieve more than they ever imagined. 

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We look forward to seeing God bring transformation to your life.

Our Developing Future Leaders Today Conference is an annual event hosted by One in Christ Jesus International Ministries for the purpose of initiating the development of emerging leaders.  Our conference brings together experienced, pragmatic, and inspirational speakers who desire to see God’s calling on the lives of those in attendance come to fruition.

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People who know they are ready to be an influencer.

The truth is everyone IS a leader in some aspect of their lives. Developing and honing those skills is the essence of our ministry.

There is no denying the need for good leadership in our world. Jesus Christ is the Cornerstone of our leadership development- He is the key. We develop Christ-centered leaders. As Christ did not come to be served, but to serve others, so is it with One in Christ Jesus International Ministries.

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What does One in Christ Jesus International Ministries do?

To see God’s vision for One in Christ Jesus International Ministries become reality we will:
  • By His grace and guidance, construct a ministry platform that will truly bring to fruition the practical aspects of ministering by faith and by works through Christ-centered leadership principles. (James 2: 26)
  • Cast His vision for our ministry to carry out His Great Commission. (Matthew 28: 18-20)
  • Partner with the local church, the local business community, and foreign missionaries to see disciples and leaders be trained and equipped worldwide. “That they may be one…” (John 17: 11b)

How & when did One in Christ Jesus International Ministries start?

One in Christ Jesus International Ministries had its inception in 2003 as a non-profit ministry organization that was called to be a voice for the absolute unification of the Body of Christ. 

In 2016 the ministry was incorporated in the State of Texas under the purpose of seeing both emerging and seasoned leaders, within the church and within the business community, being trained and developed as “Christ-centered” leaders.

You have been Set Apart for Greatness

Our curriculum is fashioned and taught from the school of practicality. We are not teaching leadership theory but are providing and demonstrating the qualities and tenants that have been honed in the “fire.” As an attendee you will be exposed to proven techniques that work.

Why should someone donate to this ministry?

In a world where effective leadership, and its development, is widely affirmed as a necessity, and in many enterprises lacking, it is easy to substantiate support for sound training, mentoring and development in this area. When considering the opportunities and advantages of providing “young and emerging” leaders with both pragmatic development and personal mentorship, the motivation to come along side, is overwhelming.  Current and effective leaders are always seeking opportunity to be involved in the development of the next generation of leaders. As such, they are committed to partner and support in any way that they can. 

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